Virtually Engineering Building W

At Home Learning provided new ways for students to engage in co-curricular activities. A range of virtual activities were on offer every lunchtime from Astronomy to Mindfulness Arts & Crafts, Book Chat to Luther Pet Club, Sustainability (SAGE) to Muscle Pump and Food Hacks & Chats to Chess. These opportunities provided for collaboration, connection, trying something new or engaging in something students are passionate about.

When these programs were launched, some Year 7 students volunteered their time to collaborate on a Minecraft project and “Tour Luther” was formed. The project required students to recreate Building W in Minecraft for the purpose of a virtual tour and was an engaging transdisciplinary learning experience. They commenced using floorplans, mathematics, and problem-solving skills to plan the space to ensure accuracy of scale. They used creative thinking to replicate circular-shaped learning spaces into the Minecraft block format. Students were immersed in real-world learning through developing their collaboration, negotiation, and digital design skills. Once the building was complete, the students planned a virtual tour for future students joining Luther to help familiarise them with Building W prior to Orientation Day. The students planned and filmed a walk through the building and used their creative language skills to guide the experience of student life in Building W.

Celeste Acfield
Languages 7-12 Learning Leader