House Swimming Carnival

On Friday 19 March, the whole School came together for the annual House Swimming Carnival. The sun was shining and spirits were high, with staff and students excited to be back in the swing of things.

Our two new Houses; Warran and Yarra made their carnival debut, but it was Birt that was victorious on the day.

Competition was fierce and records were broken as students from all year levels took to the pool. Our Year 12 students enjoyed their rite of passage events, participating in the synchronised swimming and water polo.

Many records were broken on the day including:

Under 13 Boys 4x50m Medley Relay

Winner: Wicklow 2:48.19

Old Record: Cheong (2016) 2:59.25

Under 14 Boys 50m Butterfly

Winner: Sam Churchward, Cheong 33:52

Old Record: David Adams, Cheong (2011) 34:00

Under 13 Boys 4x50m Freestyle Relay

Winner: Wicklow 2:24.20

Old Record: Cheong (2020) 2:33.33

Under 14 Boys 4x50m Freestyle Relay

Winner: Cheong 2:22.81

Old Record: Wicklow (2015) 2:31.82

Under 21 Women 4x50m Freestyle Relay

Winner: Birt 2:19.85

Old Record: Wicklow (2001) 2:20.78

Under 21 Women 100 Freestyle

Winner: Chantelle Underwood 1:01.32

Old Record: Chantelle Underwood (2019) 1:01.56

Records set in new events

Under 15 Boys 100m Freestyle – Sam Churchward, Cheong 1:07.03

Under 15 Girls 100m Freestyle – Ava Kernich, Cheong 1:05.48

Final Results

  1. Birt
  2. Cheong
  3. Wicklow
  4. Warran
  5. Nelson
  6. Yarra

Congratulations to all involved and a special thanks to staff for your support on the day.