Fee Schedule 2024

Luther College has an all-inclusive annual fee that incorporates items such as subject tuition, standard camps and excursions, pastoral care, sport and co-curricular activities, school photos, college publications and for students in Years 7 to 9 includes a college-provided notebook computer.

Annual Fees 2024

Luther College Council has approved the following annual fees for 2024:
Year Level Amount
Year 7 $16,859
Year 8 $17,602
Year 9 $18,276
Year 10 $18,630
Year 11 $18,916
Year 12 $18,916

The annual fee concession for second and subsequent children is $240 per child. For practising members of the Lutheran Church the annual fee concession is $600 per child. The College may offer academic, general excellence and music scholarships to worthy and eligible students from time to time. Such scholarships act as a credit against fees otherwise owing and are a reduction of annual fees only.

Fees for optional subject or activities

Private music lessons, extra-curricular domestic and international experiences, additional learning experiences and specialised equipment will continue to be charged separately to parents who choose for their child to participate in these additional opportunities. This includes VCE Outdoor Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.
Optional Extra Amount
Private music Lessons (36 Standard 1/2hr lessons) $1,692
VCE Outdoor Education Units 1 and 2 $1,754
VCE Outdoor Education Units 3 and 4 $1,375
Vocational Education and Training (VET) These vary depending on the chosen course. Please contact fees@luther.vic.edu.au for more details

Fee Schedule 2024

To download the Fee Schedule for 2024 click here: Fee Schedule 2024


Student Bond

A Student Bond in the amount of 10% of the Year 7 Scheduled Fee in the year of confirmation is payable on acceptance of enrolment at Luther College. The Student Bond is not refundable if a confirmed enrolment is accepted and then relinquished prior to the commencement of the student at Luther College.

A Student Bond is repaid at the sole discretion of the Principal once the student has completed their education at the College (for example, such as at the end of Year 12 if all financial obligations to the College by the parent or guardian have been met).  If a Student Bond becomes repayable, parents are invited to donate the proceeds as a tax-deductible gift to the Luther College Building Fund, to celebrate their student’s graduation and improve the college’s capacity to provide facilities and opportunities for the next generation of students.

If the College is unable to transfer any outstanding bond amount to its payee by 30 June after the bond is due to be paid back, the amount of the bond will be donated to the Luther College Building Fund.

Please note a student bond (or notebook repair bond) may be applied at the college’s sole discretion to cover all or part of any amounts owed to the college for any loss or damage to the college’s property arising from the use or possession of such property by the student. This includes costs arising from the student’s loss or damage to third party property.

Notebook Repair Bond

From Year 7 to 9, Luther College provides a notebook to students which is owned by the college or leased from a third party. To facilitate repairs to these notebooks and ancillaries (e.g. stylus), a Notebook Repair Bond of $250 is payable. This is intended to cover a student’s first 3 claims to repair unintentional damage to the notebook that falls outside the manufacturer’s normal parts warranty or loss of ancillaries. A student’s Notebook Repair Bond is paid in instalments over the student’s first year at the college at the same time as annual fees and forms part of the relevant instalment amounts (see “Methods of Payment” below). Any unused balance after three years will be credited against a student’s account following their commencement of Year 10.



Methods of Payment

Fees may be paid in full, by term or by 10 monthly instalments by credit card (Mastercard/Visa) or direct debit from a bank account. We now have a new streamlined way of selecting your preferred payment method which gives you more control and visibility over scheduled payments. You need to select your chosen plan from the options available in the Payment Plans tab found via the “My Payment Gateway”. This can be found on the LHS of your Omnia portal at https://omnia.luther.vic.edu.au/. For 2024 fees, this will be available from early December 2023.

*Important Note: Parents with existing direct debit payment plans are also required to enter your payment choices via this method for 2024. You may choose to stay with your existing plan or update to a new plan.

By enrolling at Luther, parents have agreed to be jointly and severally liable for all fees and other payments. Any request to vary this agreement must be made in writing. As a condition of entry all fees must be paid by the due date or by formal payment arrangement agreed with the College Business Department in writing, otherwise students risk their enrolment being cancelled.

Unpaid or partly paid accounts may be referred to a debt management or collection providers and any associated costs, such as collection charges and legal fees, will be added to the account. Other reasonable costs and expenses incidental to, and arising out of, late payment of fees also may be charged. The college may apply payments received from, or otherwise made on behalf of, parents regardless of how they are designated, to satisfy any fees or other payment obligations to the college, in such order and amounts as the college may choose in its sole discretion. The college at its sole discretion may apply any bond held relating to a student towards any associated unpaid fees. Without prior written agreement with the Principal, no remission of fees, either in whole or in part, will be made if the student is absent due to illness, leave or suspension.

Parents experiencing difficulties in paying fees should contact fees@luther.vic.edu.au to discuss their situation and make alternative payment arrangements before the due date for payment. Parents experiencing extreme financial hardship also may contact Tania Downward, EA to the Chief Operating Officer, to discuss assistance options.







Building Fund Donation

We sincerely thank parents who make voluntary donations to the Luther College Building Fund. Parents are invited to make a $550 per family tax deductible donation annually to this Fund. Donations to the Luther College Building Fund are proportionately deducted at each direct debit in accordance with your chosen payment method. Additional tax-deductible donations are gratefully accepted at any time and can be arranged through the Chief Operating Officer by contacting coo@luther.vic.edu.au



Withdrawal of a student

Parents intending to withdraw a student before the end of Year 12 are required to inform the Principal in writing at least one full academic term in advance of the withdrawal; otherwise, a term’s fees are payable in lieu of notice. Except where the Principal determines otherwise, the value of any scholarship already received in relation to the student will be repaid in full to the college on withdrawal.


All fees are shown inclusive of GST, where applicable ($4.00 for the annual fee).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Luther College Business Department on 9724 2000 or email fees@luther.vic.edu.au.

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