Care is at the heart of the educational experience at Luther College. Our Pastoral Care Program helps students feel connected, giving them a sense of belonging from the day they start at the College.

Our Pastoral Care Program starts early with a comprehensive transition program for students commencing in Year 6. It is our aim to provide an educational environment where students feel safe, supported, and appropriately challenged.

Heads of House, Homegroup Mentors and Heads of Year work together with staff to provide a supportive network of care for all students. Vertical, House-based Homegroups, operate within the college, each with students from Year 7 to Year 12, enriching the sense of connection and belonging.

The vertical homegroups, supported by our Heads of House and Homegroup Mentors, operate in partnership with Heads of Year and teachers to ensure students receive the right combination of support.

To partner with parents, the college regularly hosts guest speakers around a range of topics regarding health and wellbeing. In addition, we provide parents with access to SchoolTV, a leading online parental resource.

Richard Malone, Director of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

As staff, we continually challenge ourselves by asking what we can do to enhance the experience of our students. When it comes to pastoral care, it’s finding the right balance between reactive and proactive strategies that is truly enhancing our approach.

House Program

Every part of our school culture flows through the lens of the House Program.

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The Ministry Centre together with the Chapel, form the spiritual focus of the College.  One of the primary purposes of the Ministry Centre is to provide a place where students, staff and parents feel welcome and where they can come for pastoral care, support, coffee, prayer, resources or just “to be”, if they feel the need.

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Transition to and from Luther

It is a privilege to share the special time of transition from primary school to secondary school with students and their parents. It is equally a privilege to support our senior students as they journey into adulthood and transition from secondary school.

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Exceptional Futures

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