Every part of our school culture flows through the lens of the House system. Usually placed with siblings, students belong to one of six Houses.

Each Head of House is responsible for the oversight of the pastoral care of the students in their House. They also oversee and monitor the academic progress in partnership with the Heads of Year.

Vertical, House-based Home Groups, operate within the college, each with students from Year 7 to Year 12, creating a family like environment. This also gives senior students the opportunity to lead, mentor and support younger students.

At Luther College, respectful, positive and productive relationships are expected. Our RESPECT@Luther program, based on restorative practice, gives staff and students the opportunity to build healthy relationships, take accountability and resolve conflict in a manner that restores, builds and maintains positive relationships.

Our comprehensive transition program starts midway though Year 6, giving students a sense of familiarity before they commence.

The college offers students a number of ways to seek support including online surveys for students who may feel less comfortable face-to-face, and through our Wellbeing Centre, which provides counselling and psychological support to assist students with their personal and academic journey.

The Luther College Child Safe Standards can be found here. 

Richard Malone, Director of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

As staff, we continually challenge ourselves by asking what we can do to enhance the experience of our students. When it comes to pastoral care, it’s finding the right balance between reactive and proactive strategies that is truly enhancing our approach.

House Program

Every part of our school culture flows through the lens of the House Program.

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Luther College provides pastoral care and wellbeing programs, policies and structures to support our students to ensure they have access to a range of services. 

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Transition to and from Luther

It is a privilege to share the special time of transition from primary school to secondary school with students and their parents. It is equally a privilege to support our senior students as they journey into adulthood and transition from secondary school.

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Exceptional Futures

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