College Council announces new Principal

The Luther College Council has announced Mrs Jacqui Layfield as the sixth Principal of Luther College, commencing 3 April 2021.

Mrs Layfield is deeply passionate about leading education for the future and delivering a service model which is Christ-centred, values-based and needs-aligned. She is committed to the pursuit of excellence in education and understands that genuine relationships and strong community connections are paramount.

Mrs Layfield’s strong commitment to service and leadership in Lutheran Education and deep sense of calling underpinned her desire to serve at Luther as Principal. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to the role.

In addition to serving in leadership roles over the past 25 years, including as the Director of Strategic and Educational Operations at Luther College, Mrs Layfield has studied extensively in education, leadership and business.  Notably, she holds a Graduate Certificate in Teaching from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge – Massachusetts, a Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership from Australian Lutheran College – University of Divinity, Adelaide, South Australia and a Global Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from Monash University, which encompassed attending INSEAD Europe Campus, Fontainebleau, France; CIEBS China Europe International Business School, Shanghai, China and NYU STERN School of Business, New York, USA.

These achievements are demonstrative of Mrs Layfield’s lifelong commitment to make a significant contribution to the shaping and development of an innovative and progressive educational service that fulfills the future needs of our young people.

College Council continues to be thankful for the strong leadership of Mr Michael Kleidon as he completes his last term at the helm of Luther.