VCE Outline

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) curriculum is a two-year program. The curriculum comprises Level 1/2 subjects (equivalent to Year 11 standard) and Level 3/4 subjects (equivalent to Year 12 standard). To gain the VCE certificate, students must meet the  requirements outlined below.

The electives listed below were offered for study in 2021 and provide a guide to the depth and breadth of study available. As a College, we are committed to the annual review of electives to ensure that they are relevant, meaningful, purposeful and engaging.

Electives offered by the College are driven by student choice and voice.

Satisfactory Completion of the VCE

a) To qualify for the award of the VCE, students must satisfactorily complete at least 16 units of study including:

  • Three units from the VCE English group (English, Literature and English Language), including a Unit 3-4 sequence.
  • At least three sequences of Unit 3-4 studies other than English, which may include any number of English sequences once the English requirement has been met.

b) Satisfactory completion of individual units of study:

Satisfactory completion of each unit is based on achievement of learning outcomes defined in the official VCAA* course document. These outcomes include both knowledge and skills.

c) A normal program for Luther College students will include six subjects in Year 11 and five subjects in Year 12 plus a Christian Studies-based unit.

d) Students may undertake a combined VCE /VET program. This involves a basic VCE plus VET modules undertaken at various TAFEs or provider schools. A broad range of programs can thus be offered. These programs also count as VCE units.

e) Year 11 students may negotiate to include a Unit 3/4 subject in their program.

The VCE curriculum offered at Luther College includes the units of study below.

NOTE: A unit is a semester-length course.

VCE Curriculum

NOTE: Elective subjects run provided sufficient student numbers are met.

The VCE curriculum offered at Luther College includes the following units of study:
  • Accounting 1-4
  • Art 1-4
  • Biology 1-4
  • Business Management 1-4
  • Chemistry 1-4
  • Christian Studies:
    • Year 11   – Non VCE Electives
    • Year 12 –   Religion and Society (non VCE)
  • Dance 1-4
  • Economics 1-4
  • English 1-4
  • English Language 1-4
  • English Literature 1-4
  • Food Studies 1-4
  • Geography 1-4
  • German (Languages) 1-4
  • Health and Human Development 1-4
  • History:
    • Ancient History 1-4
    • Twentieth Century 1/2
    • Revolutions 3/4
  • Indonesian (Languages) 1-4
  • Computing 1/2
  • Software Development 3/4
  • Legal Studies 1-4
  • Mathematics 1-4:
    • General Mathematics 1/2
    • Mathematical Methods 1-4
    • Further Mathematics 3/4
    • Specialist Mathematics 3/4
  • Media 1-4
  • Music Performance 1-4
  • Outdoor and Environmental Studies 1-4
  • Physical Education 1-4
  • Physics 1-4
  • Product Design – Textile and Timber 1-4
  • Psychology 1-4
  • Studio Arts 1-4
  • Theatre Studies 1-4
  • Visual Communication Design 1-4
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