It is a privilege to share the special time of transition from primary school to secondary school with students and their parents. It is equally a privilege to support our senior students as they journey into adulthood and transition from secondary school. 

Transition into Luther

Luther College delivers a comprehensive transition program to help ensure students feel connected, safe and prepared for their secondary school journey. 

Our Transition to Luther Program includes a range of face to face and online opportunities to help students familiarise themselves with key parts of the campus and to meet their peers and teachers. 

Our program helps create a safe and supportive learning environment in which students grow academically and personally in confidence. We invest the time to make the transition to Luther as smooth and as calm as possible and our Middle School building is purpose built to facilitate a successful transition.

The Year 7 camp is intentionally held in the first week of the school year as it is a key component of our transition program for new Year 7 students. The activities are designed to foster positive relationships between students and establish connections both amongst the peer group and with staff.

Our Year 8 camp continues with a focus on transition and provides structured activities that emphasise team building and the continuation of building positive peer relationships amongst the students.


Transition from Luther

At Luther College we feel a responsibility to not only prepare our VCE students for the best possible VCE score and ATAR, but also to prepare them for life after Luther.

We know that almost all of our students will continue onto further formal study after they graduate. With this understanding the College has invested in the establishment of the Senior Years Centre, a space specifically designed to assist students with the transition to life after Luther and to move from dependent to independent learners, from children to responsible adults.

The Careers Department is situated within the Senior Years Centre and students are encouraged to become familiar with their services and resources to commence planning their journey for life after Luther. A Careers Practitioner is available to ensure that students are familiar with, and understand, the prerequisites that may be required for their future educational or career path.