Mother’s Day Breakfast

On Thursday 9 May our community gathered for a heartwarming Mother’s Day breakfast featuring the esteemed Pia Miranda. The turnout was exceptional, with students and mothers alike coming together for a morning of inspiration and connection.

Pia Miranda, acclaimed Australian actress and winner of “Survivor Australia”, shared insightful reflections on both her personal and professional journey. From her breakout role in the iconic film “Looking for Alibrandi” to her recent successes as an author and on stage and screen, Pia’s career has been marked by versatility and passion. In her enlightening talk, Pia generously shared stories of highlights and challenges, offering invaluable advice to our students and guests. She emphasised the importance of understanding yourself, the value of setbacks and the power of fostering the right mindset.

One of the key takeaways from Pia’s address was the significance of valuing our mothers’ narratives and heritage. Drawing upon her own experiences, she emphasised the importance of embracing the diversity of experiences within our community. Pia reminded us that our mothers were once navigating their own paths, just like us, and encouraged us to value conversations and sharing to learn from each other’s stories.

After Pia shared her story, Middle School Captains Bronwyn and Tom hosted a Q&A session, including a quickfire round of questions which delivered some great answers and laughs from the crowd, there is no doubt Pia is an AFL supporter (don’t even mention NRL)!

Following the talk, guests enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the college Atrium, providing the perfect opportunity for our community to connect with each other and engage with Pia.