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Today’s learner will live in a future world and enter a future workforce that is unlike any to have come before. Luther College is preparing students for the future.

Learning at Luther College is personalised, student-led and active. It is collaborative in nature and co-created by teachers working as part of teacher teams as well as by students and teachers working together.

Personalised learning gives students increased agency in their choices, and greater control in the learning process. The learning at Luther focuses on the development of communication skills and promotes thinking that is creative, critical and reflective to engage thoughtful learners. Our learning prioritises ethical, global and sustainable understandings and encourages connection with big ideas and the wider world. 

The nature of the learning at Luther deliberately moves beyond traditional and discrete subject areas to big picture learning that is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in nature. 

At Luther we want the learning to intentionally build community, develop character and emotional intelligence, promote a growth mindset and develop autonomy. 

At Luther, this is the learning that matters most.

Academic Curriculum

The College’s extensive programs offer all students opportunity for spiritual and moral growth, service and social involvement, excellence in academics to prepare them with confidence for their individual vocations and a Christian life.

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Luther College offers an extensive range of co-curricular opportunities. Spanning art and design, performing arts, music, sport, technology, food and more. Our students can dream big and aim high.

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