Every part of our school culture flows through the lens of the House system. The House and vertical Home Group system ensures all students have the opportunity to support one another regardless of year level.

The House and vertical Homegroup system give students the opportunity to interact with staff and students from various year levels, creating smaller communities within our larger Luther community, where they can form strong relationships and enrich their sense of connection and belonging. The House and vertical Homegroup system also supports the development of positive relationships and productive partnerships with members of our college community; students, staff and families. The Head of House together with each Homegroup Mentor provides an environment where every student is known, valued, and cared for.

The Head of House is responsible for the oversight of the pastoral care of the students who are members of their House. They also oversee and monitor the academic progress (in partnership with Heads of Year), social and emotional behaviours, and development of each individual student within their House.

When the College opened in 1964, there were two foundation Houses – Warran and Yarra, named after local waterways. Two years later, enrolment growth saw the introduction of two further Houses and a renaming exercise to reflect local landscapes (Birt, Cheong, Nelson and Wicklow). However, in a nice connection with the past, current students chose to bring back House names Warran and Yarra as we moved to six Houses in 2021.

Luther College Houses