Luther College provides effective and efficient pastoral care and wellbeing programs, policies and structures. Our students have access to a range of support services to ensure their care and academic needs are met. 

At Luther College relationships are valued. Luther is about people and learning to build respectful, positive and productive relationships with others. It is these relationships that provide the safe, supportive and challenging educational environment that allows for the real learning to occur. It is skills in developing these relationships that will prepare Luther students to make a valuable contribution to society both now and into the future.

The Ministry Centre together with the Chapel, form the spiritual focus of the College.  One of the primary purposes of the Ministry Centre is to provide a place where students, staff and parents feel welcome and where they can come for pastoral care, support, coffee, prayer, resources or just “to be”, if they feel the need.  

Some of the services the Ministry Centre provides are:

  • Counselling and psychological support
  • Enquiries about chapel and the chapel program or facilities
  • Training and resources in theological matters and the College ethos
  • Social Service, Voluntary Service and Service-Learning information and assistance.

As a member of the College’s Ministry Team, the School Counsellor provides counselling and facilitates support services for students from Year 7 to Year 12. Together with the College’s Pastors, the School Counsellor and Ministry Team members work as part of the network of care which operates throughout the College.

The Ministry Team work to support all staff in the pastoral care of students. Counselling support is available to students by arrangement from their respective Head of House. Classroom teachers, Home Group Mentors and Heads of House all support students with their day to day concerns. Specialist counselling is also available for personal, academic and spiritual concerns through the College Counsellor and the School Pastors.

At Luther College we have zero tolerance for child abuse and continue to be committed to providing a safe environment for all students.