Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical

As the lights dimmed, and the music started, a gentle hush came over the audience as they waited in anticipation to watch the Luther College production of the Roald Dahl classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And it did not disappoint!

In five sell out shows last week, audiences went on the journey of a lifetime with exquisitely choreographed dance numbers, creative sets and costumes, and vocal and orchestral performances that sent a shiver down your spine.

A cast and crew of over 100 people worked meticulously to deliver an unforgettable cocurricular experience for our students that involved weeknights, weekends and holidays for around six months. The dedication of our students and staff evident as attendees marvelled in awe at the performances.

At every turn there was an opportunity for students to shine, from the more obvious and visible roles of cast and orchestra to lighting, sound, set design, costume, stage management and more.

We are so proud of this incredible production led by the talented Ms Kate Amey, and while there will no doubt now be a tinge on sadness as this experience comes to an end, we congratulate all the students and staff who so beautifully brought to life the tale of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.