House Athletics Carnival

In a busy two weeks, the College hosted its second major sporting carnival with House Athletics yesterday.

A steady stream of 20 buses took students and staff to the Doncaster Athletics Track where they participated in a large array of track and field events.

Birt pulled ahead and was again victorious showing themselves as a sporting powerhouse this year, however, with numerous events to come, the 2021 House Cup is still very much up for grabs.

11 Records were broken, congratulations to:

Girls Under 13 1500m

Winner: Mia Morgante (Birt) 5:34.74

Old Record: Rebecca Herrmann 1993 (Wicklow) 5:40.60

Boys Under 13 1500m

Winner: Aiden Marasco (Birt) 5:14.55

Old Record: Flynn Cocking 2018 (Cheong) 5:15.58

Girls Under 14 Discus

Winner: Emily Rankin (Cheong) 23.22m

Old Record: Ashleigh Rooke 2019 (Nelson)

Girls Under 14 Hurdles (80m)

Winner: Shakira Harding (Cheong) 13:00sec

Old Record: April Humfray 1996 (Nelson) 13.30sec

Girls Under 15 1500m

Winner: Annalise Harrison (Birt) 5:19.56

Old Record: Emily Sharpe 2013 (Cheong) 5:26.00

Girls Under 13 400m

Winner: Bridie Neale (Wicklow) 1:04.49

Old Record: Eve Parry 2017 (Wicklow) 1:05.33

Boys Under 13 High Jump

Winner: William Ladd (Yarra) 1.56m

Old Record: Thomas Coghlan 2018 (Birt) 1.55m

Girls Under 16 Discus

Winner: Ashleigh Rooke (Nelson) 28.07m

Old Record: Katrina Harris 1990 (Nelson) 26.45m

Women Under 21 400m

Winner: Eve Parry (Wicklow) 59:76sec

Old Record: Kate Fankhauser 1989 (Nelson) 1:00.20

Boys Under 17 100m

Winner: Darren Menezes (Warran) 11:65sec

Old Record: Sebastian Reyneke 2018 (Cheong) 11:96sec

Boys Under 16 High Jump

Winner: Thomas Coghlan (Warran) 1.82m

Old Record: Zachary Stevenson 2013 (Wicklow) 1.81m

Final Results

  1. Birt
  2. Cheong
  3. Wicklow
  4. Nelson
  5. Warran
  6. Yarra

A sea of blue, red, green, yellow, orange and purple could be seen across the track with our Year 12 students again taking the opportunity to celebrate what was their final House Athletics Carnival.

Congratulations to all our students, to those in events and the all-important cheer squad. Thank you also to our staff whose commitment and efforts on the day made it run seamlessly.

The Eastern Independent Schools Melbourne Athletics Carnival (EISM) will be held on Tuesday 4 May.