College Named as Finalist in National Education Awards

Luther College was proud to be a finalist in the nationwide Australian Education Awards this year.

The category, Innovation in Learning Environment Design acknowledges the incredible work done to enhance Building W (Middle School) and the learning outcomes and opportunities our students are enjoying as a result.

Our newly enhanced Building W is putting learners at the heart of all we do, helping prepare them to be active (learners) and engaged young people both now and into the future.

This exciting journey, rich in consultation with staff and students, has resulted in a building that is architecturally expressive; that takes advantage of our magnificent views, brings natural light and ample space; and that has transformed a linear building of concrete and metal to one of shapes, timber and glass. A design that includes a diverse range of spaces to serve a variety of purposes, from large community gatherings to smaller reflective nooks.

However, this building enhancement was not about a building at all. It has been about enhancing learning. Our core focus was to create an innovative learning environment based on the powerful combination of flexible spaces and furniture, ubiquitous technology, and progressive pedagogies.

Such an environment encourages active learning that in turn promotes academic rigour, connection, independent learning, deeper thinking, feedback, movement and therefore, wellbeing. Valuing and empowering learners forms the basis of an engaged learning community. Spaces only come alive through human interaction that is based on quality programmes, processes and practices.

We are proud of this incredible learning space and gratefully acknowledge our position as finalist in the Australian Education Awards. Special thanks also to the staff at Luther for their hard work and commitment and for making this a space that students can truly thrive in.