Students from the Advanced Support Program and Individual Recognition of Excellence (ASPIRE) were recognised and formally welcomed to the 2023 program at a special assembly. 

ASPIRE is designed to identify, support and recognise students who are pursuing performance excellence in the fields of Performing Arts or Sport. It has been developed to provide a clear and formalised approach to the way in which we identify, support and recognise our students that are pursuing elite pathways in those areas.

The program feeds identified students into our Pastoral Care team to provide support while they combine their performance or sporting commitments with their academic pursuits. ASPIRE students have access to personal development opportunities through participation in workshops designed to help build mindset skills, an understanding of high-performance psychology and make connections with other like-minded individuals to help build relationships and resilience. The program celebrates and recognises student achievements and milestones as well as strengthening community connections and partnerships into the future.

There are 50 students across Year 7 -12 in 2023 who are dreaming big and working hard to achieve their goals in the fields of Sport and Performing Arts. This year the program is supporting students from a range of areas including singing, dance, gymnastics, athletics, football, soccer, martial arts, basketball, netball, tennis and ice hockey.

ASPIRE students will participate in some exciting workshops this year, one of which is through our continued partnership with the Thrive Global program at the Monash Business School.