Ready for learning in 2026

The Centre for Creativity & Innovation (CCI) will be a home for multi-disciplinary collaboration and learning innovation.

It will be a catalyst for creative exchange between its resident Learning Areas within The Arts and Technologies and with other Learning Areas throughout the school, as students and staff investigate concepts as diverse as wearable technologies, sustainability, bio-fabrication, indigenous food and mathematics in crochet.

In the CCI, students and staff will discover spaces for ideating, for brainstorming, for designing, for making and prototyping, for presenting and for reflection. Highly specialised environments that can accommodate ever-changing technologies together with more general learning spaces and informal learning zones will be used to create an energised and adaptable physical environment that promotes freedom, choice and easy access to the tools, resources and equipment that students and staff need to pursue their investigations.

The building design will promote the health and wellbeing of students and staff by capitalising on natural light, good ventilation systems and creating connection and flow between spaces and environments. It will also contribute to an immersive, visually connected environment where learning is on display, resident artists and guest presenters are welcome, and where students are surrounded by the potential and power of creative investigation.

The establishment of the Centre for Creativity and Innovation is a vital step in providing students with a state-of-the-art facility that supports our commitment to 21st century contemporary learning and equips them with the skills and mindset necessary for success in the modern world.

We look forward to providing updates as we work towards a 2026 opening.

(Artist impression below)

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