Do You Like Stories?

Most people do – either telling them or hearing them. We remember our parents reading us stories when we were little, laughing with friends when we catch up, gasping with delight when someone or something reminds us of our time at school. We all have our own stories.

So, what does all this have to do with archives? In short, everything.

Archives collect and safeguard the records of an organisation, group or society which, taken together, form the “story” of that organisation, group or society – its history, heritage and cultural identity. Collectively, archives hold the organisation’s memory which will inform future generations of the actions and events that occur today.

In many ancient cultures, designated people committed the tribe’s history to memory and told it to their children, who in turn, told it to their children. Our preferred method of remembering is achieved through collecting records – be they documents, objects, pictures, maps, plans, sound and audio, or digital media – which help others to learn about and understand the particular organisation’s history.

Archives tell a story.

Luther College has a story to tell and we want to tell it. Everyone who has or had any connection with our College is a part of that story. If you have anything in your “archives” that you think might assist us in that task, please let us know. Help us tell our story.

Would you like to donate items that you think should be preserved?

Perhaps you have a good memory and can help us with identifying people in photos. Or you have some interesting anecdotes to add colour to our history.

If you have an interest in archives we invite you to contact the College on (03) 9724 2000 or email

We’d love to hear from you. Check back from time to time for new information.

A close up of images and hats depicting Luther College uniforms of yesteryear