I thoroughly loved my time at Luther. I was proud to become a Nelson House Captain just like my mum, exactly forty years before me. Most significantly for me it was the place where I created lifelong friendships. 

My connection to Luther extended to home life as well since both my parents worked at the school. In 2016 my Mum, Angela, finished up following 14 wonderful years of service as a teacher there, and my Dad, Ron, finished in 2019 after 19 years as College Facilities Manager. Strong ties to the community were also forged by my grandfather Ernest Rudolph, who was on the original College Council; and my uncle Stephen Rudolph, whose vision and passion as Principal helped to shape the school in to what it is today. Our family’s inclusion in, and contribution to such a caring community has been a rewarding and important part of our lives.

A few figures stand out for me in my time at Luther – the pastoral care of Nelson House Co-ordinator, Mr Hall; my Art Teacher & Home Group Counsellor, Ms Chiodo, who nurtured my creativity; English Teacher, Mrs Lancashire, who fostered a love of language in me; and my VCE Business Teacher, Mrs Hewitt, for making the subject fun. This ultimately led to my interest in studying Commerce, and my completion of a double degree in Arts (International Relations) and Commerce (Commercial Law) at Deakin University.

After landing a job with a finance company just weeks before graduating, I worked for twelve hard months in a graduate role, before commencing in Home Loans. I consequently completed a Diploma of Financial Services and now work for Property Planning Australia. 

As a mortgage broker, I find satisfaction in educating and empowering clients so they can cut through all the poor advice out there surrounding property finance. 

It makes all the stress worth it when first home buyers thank you for simplifying things, and you know you’ve structured everything for them in a way that will enable them to grow.

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