Care is at the heart of the educational experience at Luther College. Our Pastoral Care Program helps students feel connected, giving them a sense of belonging from the day they start at the College.

Since 1964, Luther College has partnered effectively with parents to equip students for life. 

A Christ-centred school, Luther is known and valued for its pastoral care of all community members. Care is prioritised because of its intrinsic value and relationship to improved learning performance. Students experience the reality – that greater care allows greater learning.

The school’s motto Unctio Eius Docet, The Holy Spirit is our Teacher, signals the Christian ethos that characterises our close-knit community, is explored through Chapel and Christian Studies, and motivates our service orientation. 

Luther students benefit from a modernised, enriching curriculum and broad learning opportunities. Our outstanding facilities, technologies and resources are used to advantage by the whole learning community. They allow the full range of teaching and learning strategies that choice, collaboration, individual pursuits and creativity require. 

Today’s learner will live in a future world and enter a future workforce that is unlike any to have come before. At Luther College, we seek to empower our students to increasingly take control of and lead their own learning.

We are proud to be delivering a cutting edge, holistic education that develops individuals who achieve academically, reach their personal growth potential, are empowered to lead, and live mindfully in the service of others. 

At Luther we want the learning to intentionally build community, develop character and emotional intelligence, promote a growth mindset and develop autonomy.

At Luther, this is the learning that matters most.