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Year 9 students involved in service learning

Service is a core value of a Luther College education.Service is faith active in love. Service involves the selfless giving and loving of others, making a difference in their lives by responding to their needs, and acting without expecting recognition or reward.

Luther College challenges students to grow in their understanding that service is not only a personal response to God's love but a broader response as part of one's humanity for the sake of justice for all. Therefore students at Luther College learn about serving, and learn through serving. This concept is known as service learning.

Service learning opportunities are offered to all students at Luther College. One program in which the school is closely involved is the Karen refugee tutoring program. Karen is an area bordering the eastern region of Burma and Luther students gather to share afternoon tea, play games and complete homework with Karen refugee primary and lower secondary age children.

Luther College is also actively involved in a number of community meals programs in the eastern suburbs. As part of our service learning program, Luther College students and staff volunteer to serve disadvantaged people who attend The Dining Room Mission, Vive Cafe and The People's Pantry.

These are challenging experiences and encourage our students to consider the world around them with respect, tolerance and a greater sense of understanding.



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