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Luther College values the opportunity to work with parents to support, guide and shape young people and provide learning experiences and opportunities to support, encourage, challenge and grow students from children to adults.

There is an expectation that all Luther College students will give of their best. We expect students to be focussed on, and committed to, purposefully planning to improve their learning, and to put in place positive practices that will help them to become contributors to our society. At Luther College we foster a culture of learning where excellence across the educational program is encouraged, supported and rewarded. To achieve educational outcomes of quality at Luther, learning is relational, relevant, rigorous and reflective.

Reassured by the emphasis on care, and with the existence of a supportive educational environment, the significant opportunities for learning can be a focus. Luther College is well known for the comprehensive educational offerings it provides with an extensive elective program for the younger students expanding into a large range of VCE subjects for senior students.



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