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Autumn Concert

We are greatly anticipating our annual Autumn Concert, being held this year on Thursday 17 May, in the Luther College Chapel at 7.30pm.

Top effort by class of 2017 students

Congratulations to Kyle Campbell, Lacey Gilbert, Jamie Tung and Natasha Dyson, Luther College class of 2017, for being selected to participate in the VCE Season of Excellence, a five-month arts festival showcasing outstanding work from secondary schools across Victoria.

Global experiences, relationships and learnings

In addition to welcoming a whole new cohort of Year 7s at the beginning of the school year, Luther College also welcomes students from the Bavaria region of Germany as part of the BJR reciprocal exchange program.

And the winner is....

Birt has taken the early lead for the House Trophy after winning the House Swimming Carnival on Monday.

Luther College Weekly Tour