Luther College Croydon - Celebrating Seussical!

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Celebrating Seussical!

Over 70 students from Years 7-12 took to the stage in June, bringing to life the wonderful world of Dr Seuss in Luther College's tenth anniversary production of this vibrant musical.

Audiences were mesmerised by Luther College's presentation of Seussical. The colourful scenes and costumes, the energetic dance routines and the incredible musical performances were the result of many hours of rehearsals and creative sessions by both staff and students. 

Creative Director, Mrs Kate Kinsella said in her Director's Notes, Everyone involved in this show has jumped on board because they love what they do. This love for singing, dancing, acting and music, for story-telling, for expression through the arts and for each other, is what enables such a successful and enriching process. The sense of belonging, community and contribution to a purpose beyond ourselves is truly one of the most precious outcomes of the production experience.

Congratulations to all of the students, staff, parents and friends, and thank you - you certainly took us on a journey that will be remembered for years to come. 



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