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Global experiences, relationships and learnings

In addition to welcoming a whole new cohort of Year 7s at the beginning of the school year, Luther College also welcomes students from the Bavaria region of Germany as part of the BJR reciprocal exchange program.

Our students on exchange from Germany arrived mid-February. They are hosted by their Luther exchange family for the next 10 weeks and will get to experience life at Luther, attending Senior School classes, wearing a school uniform and even participate in our House Sports competition and Presentation Ball practices. Of course, they will also experience our wider culture, experiencing Melbourne and beyond with their host families. Towards the end of 2018, our Luther students will travel to Germany to complete the exchange.

Our College community is privileged to be able to welcome and host our international visitors. These experiences provide our whole school community with a wonderful opportunity to grow in our understandings of the world in which we live, to develop relationships with people in other countries, and in some instances, to experience life in another country.

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