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Middle School Enhancement

The Middle School Enhancement Project is underway.

This architecturally expressive, completely weather proof space will enhance dynamic student learning, movement and choice, critical and creative thinking and allow opportunities for greater community connection and promotes wellbeing.

In response to today's rapidly changing society, teaching and learning approaches now include project based learning, flipped learning and multi-disciplinary learning. These learning modes put the students at the centre of their learning. They are encouraged to lead and own their learning with the support of the teacher who provide choice and personalised strategies.

Since innovative, flexible learning spaces maximise opportunities for these teaching approaches, we have been intentional about the design of our fabulous new spaces, which include:

· Imagination Hub - Raised rooms in the centre of the building are designed for quiet reflection, deeper and creative thinking, and the sharing of ideas.
· Learning Zones - the traditional fixed classroom space will be enhanced with increased floor space to allow for greater student movement. These spaces will be fitted out with furniture that enables students to quickly and easily adjust their seating orientation to suit the task for the lesson.
· Media and Event Platform - this area will seat large audiences and will be utilised for year level assemblies, formal presentations and performances.
· Learning Commons - a large integrated space in which multiple classes can collaborate or work alongside each other.
· Information Learning Spaces - lounge space will be placed throughout the building. They will double as learning spaces during class time and passive recreation spaces during breaks.
· Function Room - overlooking the beautiful College grounds, our community events will be something to look forward to!
· Cafe - a student learning space and an opportunity to enhance hospitality.

It is anticipated that the enhanced Middle School will be ready to occupy during Semester 2, 2018.


Image: Middle School artist impression image kindly provided by Cox Architecture.


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