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Welcome Year 7 2018 Orientation

Today Luther College welcomed the 2018 Year 7 class for a day of orientation.

Orientation day is another step in the transition that began in the middle of the year and will continue into Year 7. As students discover which House and Home Group they are in, meet their Focus teacher, year level coordinator and many other staff, they quickly develop a sense of belonging within the Luther College community.

Of course, there was lots of excitement, and some nervousness, which was eased by the words of School Chaplain, Mrs Anita Foster. She shared the Pixar short movie “Piper” with our 2018 Year 7 class and their parents.
Mrs Foster reminded our new Year 7s that  “…high school is a time of new experiences. It is a time to really take hold of your own learning. There may be some setbacks and you will make mistakes. Here at Luther, you have a safe community in which to use those mistakes to help you learn and grow and develop even further than before. Hopefully, like Piper, you will find strategies and friends to help you through difficulties. You are surrounded by others, all taking those same first steps… and opening your eyes to new experiences and learning.

In the Luther community there are many people who care about you and your growth and learning – intellectual, social and emotional, physical and spiritual. When you look around in this room you’ll see some of them. Family members, teachers and classmates. And there are many more beyond this Chapel - more students, school leadership, home group counsellors, house coordinators, year level coordinators, focus teachers, Pastors, ministry and wellbeing staff, administration and maintenance staff who are all here because they care.

As you look around this room, perhaps you will have noticed a few more things…. like the images in this window behind me. Being in this space actually highlights what is at the heart of this journey of exploration, growth, joy of discovery and even mistakes -  Jesus Christ. He is central to this journey – and he starts each day with us as we gather together in the Chapel. It is God’s love, grace and forgiveness that can be some of those key things that can drive us on, carry us through, that can give us the energy and support we need through both the exciting times, the nerve-wracking, or the difficult times. God is sometimes referred to as our Father. And like the parent in the film, he too, allows us to makes our own decisions and mistakes. But even though it might seem like He is out of sight, He is a part of this community, working in many different ways you might not notice, and wants to draw you into his love and light, ready to be there every step of the way.

In Joshua 1:9 God gives his people a promise, and that is for us today too:

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

With that promise in your mind and your heart you can step out confidently, into this new part of your life, this new community, knowing that throughout the times that seem overwhelming, you are never alone.

We look forward to welcoming our new Year 7s back to Luther in late January 2018 and wish them well as they conclude their primary schooling and prepare for the next stage in their life journey.

Photograph: Year 10 student band playing for the 2018 Year 7 Class at the end of the day.

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