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Welcome Deborah Halpern - Artist in Residence

Luther College is very excited to welcome one of Australia’s most celebrated sculptors, Deborah Halpern, into our community as Artist in Residence this semester.

Creator of many of Melbourne’s most loved public sculptures, Deborah’s works exude an innate vitality and alluring simplicity.

As Artist in Residence, Deborah is working with students and staff, sharing with them her knowledge and skills. She is also producing a major sculpture for the College and is working with our community as she seeks understanding and inspiration from the values of Luther College.

Deborah not only engages with our students artistically. Since she was a teenager, she has taken on the challenge of donating both time and money to a variety of causes. Her knowledge of, and contribution to, charitable organisations is an inspiration to our students. During her chapel presentation to students this week, Deborah spoke of some of the organisations she has connected with, and how, through her art, she is able to support them. She is challenging our students to pursue their passions and strive for excellence, and is looking forward to working with them and share her experiences.

This is an incredible opportunity for our students to learn from such a highly respected artist who also has a keen sense of service to her community.

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