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VCE Season of Excellence - Top Class

Class of 2016 student, Madeleine Buruma, performed at the 2017 VCE Season of Excellence Top Class concert for Drama and Theatre Studies earlier this month and recently visited Luther and shared her experiences with the Year 12 Theatre Studies group.

Now, as a graduate of Luther, she has reflected on her journey over the last three years, particularly in VCE Theatre Studies.

I started Luther College in Year 10 and completed VCE last year. It was an amazing and rewarding three years, full of a wide variety of experiences.

In my VCE year, I was elected Birt House Captain, participated in Birt’s House Drama, the school musical ‘Hairspray', and the Theatre Studies show ‘Upstaged’. Preparing for all of these performances certainly kept me busy and required some pretty good time management. And with the support of my Luther teachers and friends, I was able to achieve my goals.

Theatre Studies - one of my VCE subjects- required a written exam and monologue performance which contributed to the overall study score. To prepare us and assist with ideas for the monologue, our class visited Top Class 2016. Top Class is a performance or showcase of the highest scoring students' monologues. The performers were inspirational and I secretly wished I was up there on stage with them.

Choosing my own monologue took me some time, but with a background as a singer I chose to perform 'Nothing' from the musical 'A Chorus Line'. Preparing, learning, blocking and developing it was a difficult and lengthy process and the monologue presentation date arrived in no time at all.

Whilst most of my classmates exited the exam room relieved and happy with their performances, I came out teary and despondent, thinking I hadn't done enough to achieve a strong score. A few days after receiving great VCE results, I was surprised to receive mail from VCAA requesting me to audition for Top Class 2017! Just being asked to audition was reward enough for all my hard work.

Amazingly my audition was successful and on Friday 3 March, I was privileged to perform my monologue at the Melbourne Recital Centre together with 10 other high achieving Theatre Studies students from around the state.

Special thanks to Mrs Kinsella who was an absolute inspiration and supported me throughout my entire journey!

Hard work honestly pays off.

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