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Farewell German Exchange Students

Friday 4 April 2014 - Luther College farewells seven students on exchange from Germany.


The students, part of the Bayrischer Jugendring Exchange (BJR Exchange), arrived in mid February and have been staying with Luther College families. At the end of November, our Luther students will complete the exchange by heading to Germany and staying with their partner student and their family for 10 weeks.

For Anja, Ralf, Jakob, Alexandra, Luis, Benjamin and Linus, wearing a school uniform was one of the biggest differences between school in Australia and Germany. They have participated in the many different activities that are incorporated into our school term, including the House Athletics Carnival, and have have provided personal insight and depth into our German classes. Our Houses and Home Groups were a new experience for the exchange students and they really enjoyed the developing friendships and experiencing the community feel that exists Luther. A trip to the costal regions of New South Wales with other students on the BJR Exchange, along with our beautiful warm weather, have been other highlights. The seven students will spend the Term 1 holidays with their host families before returning home to Germany after Easter.

Luther College wishes Anja, Ralf, Jakob, Alexandra, Luis, Benjamin and Linus farewell and we thank them for all that they have taught us in this short time. 




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