Luther College Croydon - Year 7s test the health of our local waterways

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Year 7s test the health of our local waterways

Tuesday 4 March 2014 - As part of their Geography studies, our Year 7s recently explored the local Mullum Mullum Creek environment, with a focus on water. 
During their investigations of the creek, the Year 7s took water samples to evaluate the health of the Mullum Mullum Creek and considered the human impact on the immediate environment. The students also learned about current management of the creek in order for it to be sustainable.
A guest speak from Melbourne Water provided further insight into our water needs and programs, including the concept of water runoff and where our water actually goes.
This unit also introduced our Year 7 students to the water saving programs Luther College has in place, including the underground water tanks on the main oval and the catchment areas on its boundary.



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