Luther College Croydon - Mission and Values

Greater care
Greater learning


Mission and Values


The opening of Luther College, 9 February 1964

Luther College is one of 86 schools of the Lutheran Church of Australia, 15 of which are in Victoria. Luther College commenced in 1964 and in 2014 celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

As a Christian school Luther College values service, community, excellence and integrity. The College's extensive programs give students the opportunities and experiences to grow and prepare to successfully contribute to society with confidence and dignity. 

The statement Greater care. Greater learning. encapsulates a central philosophy of a Luther College education.  It is our belief that if the students of Luther College are nurtured in their adolescent years, encouraged in pursuing their dreams and challenged with an engaging curriculum, they will grow into responsible and motivated young adults.

The Luther College Strategic Design, entitled Greater Futures, was shaped by the College Council in collaboration with the College community. Importantly the Strategic Design was informed by the foundational mission and values of the College and focussed by a statement of purpose.

Luther College will continue to work with students and their parents to capitalise on the strong foundations of the College for the creation of greater futures for all.



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